Travel Chinese Lessons

Travel Chinese lessons are designed for those who are interested in travelling to China and want to learn some practical travel vocabulary and a foundation for basic conversational skills through a simple listen and repeat format. The program enables you to communicate freely with Chinese people under different circumstances during your trip.


Selected topics:

Self-introduction Asking for directions
Shopping Ordering food
Taking taxi Bargaining
Exchanging money Checking in/out hotels

What Do I Get


Personalized Study Plan

A customized and professional Mandarin learning plan will be designed for you.


Qualified Professional Teachers

All of our teachers are experienced and have received professional training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language." They are ready to help you learn Mandarin online.


Dedicated Academic Advisor

In addition to a professional teacher, you can get help from our advisors who offer a wide range of academic assistance that will help make your Mandarin classes more effective.


Customized Study Pace

We are available 24/7. You can choose your preferred study schedule and frequency to learnMandarin.


Individualized Progress Report

Individualized progress reports for your Mandarin learning will be developed periodically.


Free Chinese Classes Recording

We provide free recordings of your Chinese classes (within 3 months) upon request. You can review what you have learned in your Chinese classes whenever you want.