Regular Lessons for Kids

Mandarin lessons for kids are designed for 3-10- year-old Children. This course helps children learn Mandarin via playing games and discussing fun topics. Our teachers will help develop children's language skills in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Mandarin lessons for kids are divided into 6 different levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level.


Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 1

This level is for teens that are totally new to Chinese language. You may not be able to read Chinese pinyin or Characters.

Kids will learn simple daily topics such as greetings, numbers, self-introductions, colors, animals. Fruits, etc. Teacher will teach children by using pictures and actual objects, and playing fun games. Pinyin and basic strokes of Chinese characters may also be taught.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 2

This level is for kids who have some foundation of Chinese, maybe they can use familiar words to answer simple questions in daily life.

Teachers will teach children short sentences and simple dialogues. Kids will learn topics such as hobbies, toys, weather, etc. They will also learn to write simple Chinese characters.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 3

This level is for designed for kids who can asking and answering questions on familiar matters with short sentences. Kids will learn to narrate short stories.

Topics include directions, seasons, countries, etc. More Chinese characters will be taught.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 4

This level is for kids who can ask and answer questions with long sentences in predictable everyday life.

Topics include sports, , traveling plans, games, etc. Idiomatic stories, folk tales and famous poems may also be taught.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 5

This level is for kids who can read longer articles and can understand main points of the articles and make conclusions. They can interact with a degree of spontaneity.

Children will learn fairly long and complex Chinese stories and folk tales, proverbs, etc. Children will also practice to build up their vocabularies.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 6

This level is for kids who can interact accurately on a wide range of topics and express freely and fluently.

Children will learn ancient and contemporary Chinese poems, famous essays, etc. Children will enhance their language abilities through comprehensive reading and writing.


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What do I get

Personalized Study Plan

Personalized Study Plan

A customized and professional Mandarin learning plan will be designed for you.

Qualified Professional Teachers

Qualified Professional Teachers

All of our teachers are experienced and have received professional training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language." They are ready to help you learn Mandarin online.

Dedicated Academic Advisor

Dedicated Academic Advisor

In addition to a professional teacher, you can get help from our advisors who offer a wide range of academic assistance that will help make your Mandarin classes more effective.

Customized Study Pace

Customized Study Pace

We are available 24/7. You can choose your preferred study schedule and frequency to learn Mandarin.

Individualized Progress Report

Individualized Progress Report

Individualized progress reports for your Mandarin learning will be developed periodically.

Free Chinese Classes Recording

Free Chinese Classes Recording

We provide free recordings of your Chinese classes (within 3 months) upon request. You can review what you have learned in your Chinese classes whenever you want.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the lesson, you can get a refund at any time within the first month.

Pay by Installments

We accept payment via Paypal. According to the package you purchased, you can enjoy installment payment.

Long validity period

In addition to the suspension provided by the course, you can also apply for 2 suspensions for free