Mandarin Teahcer Niki Yang

Niki Yang

Hello, I am Niki Yang. I come from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province,China. I graduated from Xi'an Fanyi University, majoring in English. I am so glad to meet you here. I am an experienced teacher and work in this filed for about 7 years. I'm good at teaching different levels of Chinese.

Here, I would like to give you some suggestions for learning Chinese:

  • Textbook is important. Pinyin is the basis of Chinese, so it is necessary to learn the basic knowledge from textbooks.
  • Listen more. Watch your favorite Chinese programmers, and try to understand them. Even though you can't follow them all the times.
  • Speak more. Communicate with Chinese native speakers or e-pal, you'll make a rapid progress in Chinese.
  • Music without borders, why not try to learn Chinese through your favorite music, maybe you will fall in love with Chinese!

I am looking forward to meeting you here. Hope to see you soon.




Xi'An Fanyi University


Xi'An China


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