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Miya Nan

Hi everyone! I am Meimei Nan, my English name is Miya. I live in Xi’an, China. I am happy to mee you here.

I have been taught Chinese as a foreign language for about 3 years. Several years of teaching has accumulated a lot of experience. I am passionate about teaching; I enjoy the process of teaching. I took each student as my best friends. This pleasant atmosphere will make our study have a good learning effect.

I have three Mandarin learning tips for you:

  • Pronunciation is the first step in learning Chinese. Practice makes perfect.
  • Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Open mouth and try to speak more.
  • Seize every opportunity to speak Chinese. You will be surprised about your progress.

The Chinese idioms says: They who cannot do as they would, must do as they can. I believe you will be the best. I am ready here waiting for you. Come on!




Xi’an Shiyou University


Xi'An China


China Standard Time

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