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Jessica Chen

Hi, this is Jessica Chen from Xi'an, China. Welcome to learn Chinese online with us! I feel honored to be given this opportunity to let you know more about me. Thanks for choosing me as your Chinese teacher in advance! I graduated from a famous university for learning English in Xi'an and obtained my bachelor's degree in translation between English and Chinese in 2011.

I've been teaching Chinese online for several years. Before this, I used to work as an English customer service on Amazon platform for a cross-border e-commerce company and do financial and legal translation for listed companies and companies wish to be listed in HK. Being a teacher requires all-embracing knowledge. I benefit a lot from my previous working experience.

I like traveling very much in my spare time. I've been to almost 80% of major domestic cities and foreign countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau. And I am planning to visit a foreign country a year to realize my dream of traveling around the world. Being global-minded is what i learn from traveling, which will turn me into a much qualified teacher.

I am an easy-going person. My students would rather treat me as their friends instead of a teacher. Being responsible for each of my students is what i tell myself to implement every day, such as keeping their enthusiasm high, making the customized learning strategy and forming good learning habit, etc.

At last, I want to say i will do my best to spread Chinese culture to all over the world by teaching my students well and let more and more people get to know the real China!




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